First salsa class

Grateful for:
1. Going for a bike ride along the beach, local sights include nudist beach, gay beach, rollerbladers and lots of fit and sexy people.
2. Getting one of those chopper fat tire bicycles for rent, so much fun. Vrrrrrum!
3. Practicing salsa on the beach.
4. Attending my first salsa lesson at night, it was awesome! Got the rhythm, steps and the hip and shoulder swaying movements. The teacher is such a firecracker, can’t wait for the next class. The class was all in Spanish but all the better for me, got to hurry up and learn.
5. Listening to a couple of philosopher’s notes, it’s been a while.
6. Seeing a lot of outstanding architecture while running across town to the class.
7. Making my sprout cereal first time in a while, topped with chopped peach, yummy.
8. Hearing everyone complain about jobs and wages today at class and being forever grateful it has never been my reality.
9. Finding where I want to live! Garraf – tiny village 30 minutes from Barcelona by train nestled between the sea and a huge national park with Spain’s only Buddhist monastery open to public nearby and lots and lots of hiking trails. My soul sings just thinking about it. Pending actual physical inspection of the place, mentally I am already living there.
10. I love how well I can dance.