Grateful for:

  1. Staying with some good friends in Singapore. Now I not only get to travel to new destinations around the globe, I also get to spend time with the special people.
  2. Taking in all the major sights of the city in one day. It definitely has a great vibe and an excellent mix of modern/progressive with laid back village pockets here and there.
  3. Beautiful promenade along the river with contrasting colonial houses with the backdrop of huge skyscrapers.
  4. Having a laksa first time in years. And the true Asian version is much spicier than what they make in Australia.
  5. Having 5 bananas for dinner to have a break after a day of air plane food (albeit gourmet Singapore Airlines meals).
  6. Having a dragon fruit for desert. It is my absolute favourite fruit of all time unfortunately unavailable in other parts of the world. Triple yummm.
  7. Handing over my camera to a friend to take pictures. So even though I was not inspired to photograph that day, my camera still did it. Plus I now have a whole heap of pictures of me!
  8. Going out to a club which is a rare occasion in itself. Turned out to be an indie scene club playing live hip hop that night – a truly once in my lifetime combination.
  9. Having some real good talks.
  10. After 2 nights of almost no sleep aside from a couple of meditations, the world becomes surreal. Quite an addictive experience.