Scaling a sand dune

Grateful for the past 3 days:

  1. Scaling a huge sand dune for a birds eye view of the surrounding ocean and forest – breathtaking.
  2. Eating a melon sitting on top of a dune – another one to my collection of once in a lifetime experiences, in fact maybe once in the humanity’s lifetime? How often do people go around eating melons sitting on top of sand dunes.
  3. Watching lots of para planes, makes me want to fly too.
  4. Thinking the other day “I want some oysters, haven’t had any in years”, and the next day at a local market there was a fresh oyster vendor. I am a manifestor extraordinaire.
  5. Thinking about having a pet cat and in this place we are staying there are neighborhood cats everywhere. Each night one or two would stop by for a visit, drink some milk. Cats are awesome.
  6. Getting a poi practice session on on top of a sand dune.
  7. Totally excavating my 40+ item clogged inbox/to do list. I thought it would take me days but only took 1. Now if I only had time to have a crack at my FB inbox… but leaving for Paris tomorrow.
  8. Visiting a local market. Totally love local markets, the best way to shop for fruits and veggies.
  9. Making my first raw baba ganoush. It tastes nothing like real baba ganoush but tastes great nevertheless.
  10. Really digging the quote below and how strongly it resonates with my current situation in life.

Grant me the serenity
To accept
The things I cannot change,
The courage
To change the things I can,
And the wisdom
To know the difference.