A come back

Grateful for:

  1. Getting back into blogging. Albeit having to almost force myself to do it. Inertia is pulling me towards continuing my silence. But just like after becoming a photographer, any time I do NOT bring a camera along there are always wonderful photo opportunities to be had. So is after blogging for some time about my life, I now feel bad when I let lots of beautiful moments and growth experiences go unrecorded. Have become a prisoner of my self expression methods instead of using them to liberate my inner self?
  2. Being discontent about a lot of things. And why I am being grateful for being unhappy? Because every single thing that bothers me in another person, without exception, is a something I loath about myself. I never realised just how many parts of me I need to accept, love and heal and now it threatens to overwhelm me! Thanks to Steve Pavlina’s recent experiments for instilling this wonderful perspective. First time I actually read his article fully which lead me to read all the ones involved in said experiment.
  3. Watching the movie Inception… in French. I ended up missing all the nuances of dream state mechanics and had to read English plot summary when I got home to comprehend the ending but an awesome experience nevertheless and quite engaging. Proud of myself for not giving into the temptation of watching the version in English.
  4. Inadvertently preparing myself for the French version of Inception by reading Inception: Art, Dream, Reality blog post on Psychology Today in my quest to learn more about subjective reality topic. Of all the view points I have read, I have to agree with the author and his interpretation:
    “Some philosophers suggest that the real problem regarding subjective and objective reality is that distinguishing between them to begin with is a false dichotomy, one increasingly fostered and foist upon us by Western science over the past several centuries. The famous Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (mentioned earlier) demonstrates to at least some social scientists that life cannot be cleanly divided into the roles of observer of reality and observed reality itself, since reality can be subtly affected by the very act of observation. Primitive peoples made, and, in some places still make, no such artificial distinction between subject and object, treating reality more organically and wholistically, dwelling in a perpetual state of consciousness (or really, unconsciousness) referred to as participation mystique.”
  5. Participation mystique… Now I have got myself a new paradigm to research and try on. Oh the simple joys of living a contemplative life!
  6. Getting external validation (of course I don’t need it, but still feels good 🙂 for my current state of goalless being. First Steve with his waves of inspiration trial and now another one of my respected blog authors over at Zen Habits, everyone seems to be promoting a planless and goalless life style which is a radical departure from the PD principles of the past couple decades. They still seem to be involved in a lot of action, albeit inspired one. How about mastering the concept of doing by non-doing. The ancient Tao interpretations are quite vague which leaves me wanting for some modern day ones as I am attempting to live by this principle.
  7. Seeing a beautiful luminous full rainbow over Toulouse today. It was so bright and saturated, like a kid’s painting. Mother nature knows her stuff.
  8. Finding a whole heap of exciting learning resources that resonate with where I am at the moment. Or am I simply avoiding facing my internal lessons by substituting them with external ones?
  9. Finding an in depth study of Scoprio star sign and discovering what it means to have my moon in Aquarius. It is kind of scary how the planets can so clearly define me, but explains everything so well, including the seeming paradoxes. It even managed to explain why I find manifesting so easy, “The motto of the Third Decan (Nov 11 to 21) of Scorpio is “Manifestation.” Plus loving the discovery below:
  10. November 12 through November 16: This period of time is governed by the Angel Asaliah, who is an Angel of Intuition. Since this Angel has influence over contemplation and reflection, he helps those individuals who wish to raise themselves to a higher spiritual plane. Persons ruled by Asaliah possess an intuitive and independent nature. They tend to rely upon themselves and often prefer peace and privacy to crowded places. These are intelligent souls who enjoy adventure and investigation. Frequently, those governed by Asaliah achieve realization courtesy of dreams, meditation and contemplation.”