Mind Body Spirit shopping spree

Grateful for:

  1. Going for the morning coffee in shorts and boots. Feeling too bold and self conscious at first, I got over it shortly and felt and looked fabulous.
  2. Having a second breakfast of coffee and smoked salmon. I love salmon and I love not having to conform. So eating salmon by itself rather than with eggs or toast or whatever is just my kind of breakfast.
  3. Going job hunting with my friend’s teen daughters and trying to convince them to give up the horrible job idea and opt for a bold entrepreneurial venture instead.
  4. Googling and finding  a discount code for Mind Body Spirit exhibition for half price tickets.
  5. Attending Mind Body Spirit exhibition – it was an “interesting” experience. Too fake, superficial, heart less and yes -commercial.
  6. Counteracting that visit with a completely random visit to a healing centre/tea house in Balmain. Beautiful tea sets, cards, energy and the most amazing atmosphere. I love how I can discover these sanctuaries wherever I go.
  7. Spending way too much money today, just burning through it. What are some of the things I am grateful for in this experience: acquiring beautiful things, having the money to spend, observing my emotional reactions around the spending (those people who are trying to loose wait but always end up eating cakes and then feeling guilty – I now know how they feel!)
  8. I got a nice bag for my pet rocks (aka crystals).
  9. Bought a dress (yes I bought a silk flowing dress!!!) one of those clever ones I can wear 100 different ways. Now only to pluck up enough courage to actually wear it… Perturbating just thinking about it.
  10. Manifested the most amazing raw food cook book EVER! The Art of Raw Living Food by Jenny Ross. Almost no weird hard to obtain ingredients, LOTS of breads and wraps and other basics to keep on hand to whip up things on the fly, heaps of mouth watering pictures and COOKIES plus other deserts. I can’t wait to get home now and unleash the raw food madness.
  11. Buying a Carolyn Myss Sacred Contracts – An Interactive Tool for Guidance – the perfect marriage of Jungian psychological archetypes, spirituality and astrology in a usable format. After reading the book by the same name and forever contemplating doing the actual exercises and using the cards for daily guidance I was rewarded with the most unusual manifestation – found this game format tool which includes the cards and the board to use them. It was a single use copy for use by customers and not for sale but the store owner let me buy it. Magic. Thanks to my friend for asking and bargaining on my behalf.
  12. I think I also slept almost 12 hours tonight – really needed it to process all the days’ happenings.
  13. Having an antipasto platter for dinner at home. I have gone antipasto crazy.
  14. Discovering first hand what an enormous impact food has on the taste of wine. The wine that went so incredibly well the other day at the Spanish restaurant bought and consumed on its own was just an average run of the mill wine. The world of flavours never seizes to amaze me.
  15. Doing the washing today and ending up with only “left over” clothes only which I was able to pull together into an unusual outfit.
  16. Realising upon review of my blog that on the 9th I will have a 2 year blog anniversary! I re-read my 9/11/08 gratitude post and felt incredibly touched. Thank you 2 year younger Polina for kicking off this incredible habit, I am forever in your debt.
  17. Having a friend photoshop my lol-worthy embarrasing moment of yesterday – being drenched head to toe by the sudden wave on the Manly ferry. What would I do without friends that care.

Sudden wave about to drench Polina on Manly ferry