Grateful for:

  1. Having one of those rare days in life where you feel your life pivot slightly and take of in a new direction. And even though the pivot angle might only be a few degrees now, as the months and years roll by it ends up being a significant shift.

    legend: Q - current shift, r - time, S - resulting life change

  2. Ditching the yoga mat and making myself a bed out of pillows to sleep on tonight. Going soft, I know, literally and figuratively, but it is a nice change.
  3. Having oysters for lunch at South Melbourne markets. I write about them every time I have them, but every time I have them they are just as spectacular as the first time.
  4. Following that with a freshly squeezed juice. These two things have got to be my 2 favourite things to eat, just not together.
  5. Getting a haircut and feeling oh so sexy. Who knew that was just the first tiny taste of what was to come.
  6. The rest of the day I simply can not adequately describe since it was such a personal journey to which external events where a mere trigger: I was taken shopping. with a stylist. serious shopping. perturbation. feelings of unworthiness. evident attachment to a certain self image. complete paradigm shift on quality. disbelief. overwhelm. immense gratitude. It is simply incredible the power of style and clothing can have on my self esteem and thus my way of relating and communicating in the world. I am still to truly come to terms with the transformation that has taken place today so will return to this topic once I have taken the time to process. But for now all I can say is that if before I simply entertained the idea that I am the best dressed motorcycle rider on the planet, now I am most positively convinced that I am.
  7. Huge thank you goes to StyledByLisa for being nothing short of a “soul stylist”.
  8. Being really aware of how hard it is for me to not only describe, but even simply identify for myself my emotional states. I am experiencing a range of feelings throughout the day which form a rich and beautiful tapestry but have no way to label the various parts of it in an effort to describe it to someone. I guess I have come a long way on this “feeling” journey already to be so acutely aware of them to begin with, so labelling and communicating it is sure to follow in time.
  9. Helping a friend out with some website ideas. Feels nice to flex my web dev muscle every now and again and I am every time amazed that I end up looking like some sort of an expert. What if I was to embrace the fact that I am instead of constantly looking at all the ways that I am not… I feel a paradigm shift stirring somewhere in the previous sentence…
  10. As if the day’s events were not enough, it all ended with the most delicious meal I have ever had in Melbourne, and Melbourne being the hub of my gastronomic experiences, it must have been one of the best meals of… my life? Stokehouse restaurant overlooking St. Kilda beach and the beautiful peach rose glow of a sunset over the water. Champaign, more oysters and all sorts of culinary delights. It being a purely sensory experience there is nothing I can do to convey it (although by developing my writing talent I hope one day to be able to capture and recreate it in kind) for now all I can do is sigh and relive the evening in my head over and over again. The interesting thing about cultivating sensory awareness and heightened receptivity is that it not only adds a whole new layer of life enjoyment in the physical plane, but also provides countless memories to draw upon to relive these experiences in the mental and emotional plane at a later date. Labelling myself and then living into the label of a “sensuous” person has got to be one of the most important decisions I have made this year. My God what a year of transformation it has been. I feel a reflectory blog post urging to emerge very soon.
  11. I daily engage in extremely intelligent and provocative but at the same time loving and supportive banter with my friends on Facebook. It feels me with a sense of real connection and joy every single time but I neglect to mention it. So here is a long overdue gratitude mention to all of my beautiful Facebook friends who make it the source of endless inspiration and support for me every single day. I love you all dearly <3