Reliving the memory of reliving

Grateful for:

  1. Having my first ever chiropractor appointment! It was so awesome, Dr Dave was an energetic copy of Dr DeMartini at work and it was an extremely positive session of talking about lifestyle, raw food diet, positive thoughts, books and general positive energy exchange. Got to love people who are passionate about what they do and I can’t wait for the next appointment.
  2. Getting lots of goodies I didn’t know I was entitled to as part of the 3 visit voucher: lumber support, book and lots of positive energy to carry and distribute throughout the day.
  3. Brainstorming business ideas.
  4. Having a delicate jasmine lychee flower ball tea.
  5. Having Japanese for lunch. Seems like I turned into quite a Japanese food snob, looking for specific things I like on the menu. And having a sushi box took me right down the memory lane of buying dinner on the way home in Tokyo metro stations. Oh I have so many memory lanes to travel down. I wonder as I get older if things all around me remind me of the many varied interesting periods of my life will I be living in a constant state of daydream remembrance of the past reliving and refeeling those moments again? Although second time around it might lack the intensity of being there in the moment, it actually reveals subtle nuances not immediately apparent at the time. Or maybe it is the changed me appreciating certain other qualities of those same moments from my new slightly different lens of reality. Wow, even reliving that moment of reliving that memory just produced a similar subtle nuances noticing effect. I must have changed between now and lunchtime already!
  6. Checking my RescueTime report for the week. Top time spent online was 3 hours on writing this blog, all other categories including work, social networking and general waste of time were less. That is totally awesome and I am happy to shed the mantle of an Internet junkie. And yeah spending more time being grateful for stuff than doing work or anything else certainly is indicative of something which is just way too apparent for me to state blatantly.
  7. Discussing my view on jealousy again. Every time I talk about it it becomes clearer and clearer and I am still not able to shift my opinion. The power of questioning everything and making up my own mind against the social norms is quite profound.
  8. Getting my inbox to empty! Always a joy joy happy happy occasion.
  9. Listening to a CD made for me by a friend. So many songs I love but never new what there were. Having a little boogie in my sit every now and again. Happy dayz 🙂
  10. Radical honesty ftw.
  11. Getting my hands of some DeMartini magic. Identify your values, measure your success against them and if you discover you are not yet living your dream life, manipulate your values accordingly… Can’t wait to hear the full version of it. Ipod locked and loaded for the trip to Sydney.
  12. My new salt lamp is making me feel super zen even after spending 8 hours in front of the computer. Wow it feels like soooo much for me and for some people it’s just their average workday.
  13. Tying up a lot of loose ends. Don’t mind that many others somehow came loose but oh well, that’s just the game of life.

This morning the Universe has replied to my Reliving the moments post with the following email:

“You can never Truly relive what used to be, as you can never relive a moment that has already come and gone .…”
– Amir Zoghi –

What once was Polina, was for the moment that it took place in. You cannot truly relive a moment Polina, as you are continually presented with a new moment, moment by moment. Let what once took place in the past be left exactly there, in the past. Live in the present moment my dear and allow what has to unfold to unfold in the present.