My Purpose In Life

Grateful for:

  1. Waking up to a house decorated with banners and all sort of party gear because it is my BIRTHDAY!
  2. Getting some very thoughtful and touching presents for my birthday.
  3. Basking in SMS and Facebook love all day with an avalanche of congratulations.
  4. Receiving external confirmation and explanation of my long standing knowing of my purpose in life being to “experience”. The book I was given for my birthday Spiritual Astrology by Jan Spiller finally laid it all out

    ‎”You understand intuitively that life is too short for you to become a master in any of the many areas you want to experience. You have chosen in this incarnation not to master any one but to experience and taste a bit of everything. You are teahcing those around you the value of having a vast number of experiences, and at the same time introducing others to these experiences.”

  5. A friend took me shopping for my birthday present. Oh the perturbation around the experience! The emotional hang ups I got to shed around this were the most valuable gift of all.
  6. It feels nice to have nice things 🙂
  7. Having an really good conversation with a really nice dinner. Two of my favourite things.
  8. Going out dancing! Another one of my favourite things.
  9. Coming back home and still dancing! Polina’s world’s first – I am finally comfortable enough with myself to dance at home just because I love to. Who knows what was stopping me before but I don’t care any more.
  10. Recounting my open relationship saga. It is so good to revisit the key points of my evolution, and I really should write it down, makes an excellent step by step primer.
  11. Spending a truly special birth day.