Date with myself

Grateful for:

  1. How addictive it is to be grateful for your own life by recalling each missed day in detail. 2 am after 10 hours in front of the laptop, feeling sore and tired and thinking “Just one more!..”
  2. Taking my bike in for a service.
  3. Having a whole day all to myself without transport stuck in one of the best places to be stuck in – South Melbourne.
  4. Treating myself and only myself this time to some oysters. What an awesome self indulgence.
  5. Buying pomegranate, strawberries, bananas and sprouts for lunch later.
  6. Scouting Claredon st for free wifi.
  7. Finding some free wifi and spending a couple of hours totally revamping my dreams photo album. A slideshow before bed each night will be much more exciting and meaningful now. If you are already living them, does it still count to have them as your dreams and continue to visualise just for fun an pure bliss feelings?
  8. Sitting outside having a chai latter witnessing an absolute downpour and sunshine at the same time. Got to love Melbourne and can’t help but forgive its weather quirks – they are so cute!
  9. Buying  and applying a diamante nail polish. Still look natural but with a bit of glint to catch the sun.
  10. Receiving an unexpected sms.
  11. Finally receiving boots I bought of ebay when I had no boots at all. Black above knee pull up version. I was planning on wearing them scrunched down to the ankles but am now wondering what fun can be had with their original design…
  12. Catching up with a friend watching movies, having some great radical honesty conversations and learning heaps.