Snapshot of where I am at

Been in Melbourne from 9th of April till the 19th. Had a great time and did not want to leave. Got a couple of mountain bikes and now that we are back we have been riding every day. It is SO  much harder than in Melbourne with all the hills going up and down up and down but we are certainty getting a massive workout each time! Our bookstore was approved so we are just waiting for the right place we have in mind to become available. We got over 600 books now so are quite anxious to open up. I have set up a website which we will use in the store as a POS system so you can have a look at our collection. I’ll add the last 200 titles we acquired in Melbourne in the coming days

After the first ride on Monday either from sweating and cooling off too quickly or from pushing myself too much I got sort of sick, so taking it easy today. Work has been treating me really well after Easter, either the amount of work decreased or I have really streamlined my outsourcing but i am now working no more than 1 hour a day, it’s great, all my dreams are coming true! I even managed to completely clear out my inbox each day for the past few days – a miracle!

Current doing an online course in hypnotherapy and also studying Forex. Got a new dog too on Tuesday, she’s been doing fine, a quiet sort of disposition, but got house trained almost immediately and 90% of the time does it’s business outside when we let it out for a couple of minutes every now and again. Cries at night when we lock it up in the laundry for the night but I guess it’ll get used eventually. The funny thing is that because we got the puppy from the neighbors both their dogs get through the fence on our side each morning to come for a visit and play with the puppy and then leave.

Bought a djimbe in Melbourne so I have started to slowly explore my artistic musical side. Also bought a little how to book on watercolours and am planning on picking up some supplies and giving that a go as well.

Also while we were in Melbourne we found a place that ran free 1 hour meditation courses on Sundays. It was pretty interesting that we showed up on Easter Sunday and were told that no course will be  held because of public holiday. Then we said what a pity because we were only in town for another week and the guy offered to do 1 hour course just for us, so we sat in a small 3 person circle and did our practice meditations, it was great. One of the meditation practices he offered really clicked with me, after my years of trying various techniques like mantras, Holosync, breathing, tapes, etc and never being able to
stop the thought process this one technique of focusing on the heart finally did it for me – no thoughts BUT the beating of the heart. I am now attempting slowly to train myself to that method. The great news for us was that this gnostic center is in fact a worldwide organisation and all their courses are available free of charge online through videos and chats etc, have a look and see if you find anything for yourself on their website: