Bookstore galore

Spent most of our time in 2 bookstores today – first one a bookstore/cafe/home mainly picking apart what and how the owners done but we weren’t very impressed and signs like – “Couches only for staff. Do NOT sit!” and “No Food or Drink inside” don’t quite make you feel welcome. In the second one we spent a lot of the time actually looking through books – used books stores – you never know what you can find. All up from the 2 of them ended up with 7 new books, I think it is time we resolve ourselves to the fact that most of our luggage consists of books. As our insider joke goes “We travel places just so we can read books”.

Will has been raving on about this “Laos” coffee he used to enjoy on his last trip a year ago: coffee with condensed milk at the bottom. It was served to us often enough in Vietnam but nowhere since we arrived in Laos itself. Such was our dismay at yet another cafe promising to bring us Laos coffee and instead bringing a short black that I set out on the street in search of a can of condensed milk. I procured one soon enough and not only did we enjoy another couple of hours of bookstore brainstorming conversations but I also have our very own can of condensed milk in my bag from now on to avoid further disappointments.