Animal Reiki Udemy Course by Lisa Powers

Having just finished the Udemy Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification course I have been really inspired to practice it daily on myself and my animals. It left such a positive impression that I even made it one of my goals to offer Reiki services in the future and I felt a sense of elation going through the course lectures imagining my new service offering in detail. Since it was my first ever program on Reiki I do not really have anything to compare it to.  The course covered all the bases and haven’t left me with any questions. The supplementary resources and exercises seemed to have been picked perfectly and on point. The attunement process which was part of the course and was conducted at a scheduled time and date was undeniably powerful and I could physically sense the precise second when it happened.

Although I have heard about it for years prior, I am very happy I have discovered the study of this modality through a doorway of animal Reiki first. This way I am given ample opportunity for practice as animals are all around me all day long. I excitedly look forward to doing further Reiki course with Lisa to expand my knowledge and confidence and will be doing the Udemy Master Reiki course next. I would not hesitate to recommend animal Reiki course as the first introduction to anyone as it contains information on Reiki in general and offers a lot of opportunities to practice it straight away, while starting with a human Reiki course could have been a little daunting and thus harder to stick to and weave into the rest of my life.