Push: The Real Way to Set and Achieve Goals

Just as I decided to try to write up summaries of what I am learning in my podcast sessions and books, to learn it better and to tell others all about it – I see summaries are already written in the podcast notes themselves. But oh well, this is a chance to reiterate it to myself and do the exercises suggested in each one.

So this one was instrumental to actually get me to write again. First it started with listening to the Philosopher’s Note on Abraham Maslow and one of his questions: If you knew with absolute certainty you could not fail, what would you do in life? And my answer was writing. I imagined writing as this leisurely occupation with no deadlines or stressing clients and simply pouring your heart out on the page. Of course I know the reality is not quite like that, but still writing is what popped up.

And not to degress from the actual topic of this post: the push goal setting method from the Art of Charm podcast 378: Chalene Johnson | Push: The Real Way to Set and Achieve Goals So the method is to set a goal in each one of the 10 main areas of life, and then  find one push goal – a goal that if you were to achieve it, would make all other goals possible. So here is my list of 10 goals:

  1. learning – learn to learn better – through annotations rather than passive consumption
  2. spiritual – solidify my meditation practice
  3. family/friend – reconnect with overseas friends I have been neglecting
  4. love life – love myself
  5. financial – spend less. in fact stop spending all together
  6. health – exercise daily
  7. joy – read more
  8. surroundings – build house
  9. professional – work less in my business
  10. mental wellness – create morning routine

I have to say I did NOT sit down and wrote these goals, but I listened to the podcast, and it filed away into whatever part of my subconscious and then it bubbled up to the surface today in the form of a push goal for myself – writing about what I am learning. It felt like the right answer to quite a number of goals I wanted to achieve for myself and of course I probably filled in some of the goals above just to back up the push goal I have chosen. But either way, the magic has worked and PUSHed me to start this practice. First and foremost to help me learn and retain what I am learning, put it into practice by doing the exercises suggested that I almost never do otherwise and of course share with the world.

The second part to the push goal process is to brainstorm everything and anything you can do to make it happen. Carlene suggests to do it with a 2B pencil but I am sure any method will do. I am personally a digital devotee. After brainstorming transfer it into a portable digital device (take a photo, retype, etc) and then each morning pick 2 things from the list which would take 10 minutes or less to do and do them.

The magic of the process is supposed to be in its simplicity in the 10 minutes per task per day and in the focus, motivation and satisfaction one gains from pursuing just one goal but in the process achieving another 10.

I haven’t really brainstormed for my new found push goal of writing about my learning. There isn’t much to brainstorm really:

  • want to read elements of style for work communication and I guess very handy for public writing
  • lock in certain time in my morning routine to make this writing happen. Since reading is supposed to happen last, I guess writing should happen straight after to retain what I have just read
  • write multiple times per day, process lessons through writing
  • install wordpress on the phone for easy writing without laptop
  • fix up my blog (done! that is how I know I live on purpose, because I always jump at the opportunity to make a new website or update existing one)
  • make a list of topics, but I feel a list is self defeating, as I would rather feel the pressure of forgetting stuff I learned and thus gaining the motivation to write it down
  • share with friends who might be interested? to generate further discussions of topics

We’ll see now how long I will keep up this habit but I already have 2 more topics I am eager to cover so for now the motivation is at the all time high.