Thought of complete fulfilment

I had a mind altering experience yesterday that I am truly living my ideal life. Before I was working on creating it but as of yesterday I feel like I have officially “arrived”. Although I still have multiple projects in development and many more in my mind, for no apparent reason testify afternoon swinging in my newly installed hammock in my kitchen I felt how unbelievably awesome life is and pretty close to perfect right now. Everything I think up slowly but surely comes to fruition, I live the life of ease and joy, unhurriedly transitioning between various daiky activities of cooking, gardening, working, reading and just chilling out. And the time it takes for various ideas and projects to become reality is all part of that awesomeness of life, because if everything materialised in a instant we won’t be able to enjoy it nearly as much.

So while the quote aboveĀ from one of my most memorable books of all times “Emmanuel’s Book: A Manual for Living Comfortably in the Cosmos” has been my favourite for some years now, it was always more of an ideal I was reaching for. It was not until yesterday that I finally got it at the level of my being. And I wish you all the same experience.