Vanuatu Omelette


So I had a friend stay at my place for a while who kept raving about my food (to my surprise) and I have another friend who is a great cook but kept complaining about not knowing how to use any of the local ingredients and missing what is available out in the first world. I had that dilemma a year or so ago and set about adapting existing recipes to local produce. Plus I can never really follow a recipe precisely and end up with an experimental dish every time. But it seems my experiments are paying off now and I am creating something people love to eat. I myself always live eating it regardless of how it turns out because it uses wholesome local food and now increasingly straight from my own garden.

My friend had a brilliant idea that I should create a “Vanuatu” cookbook and I must say I am very excited about it! I am a long term lover and collector of cookbooks so to share my own cooking creativity with the world and inspire other people here to use local ingredients is a great motivator. I will start by blogging about my dishes first and then once I collect enough recipes and polish them up I will attempt publishing. How exciting!

One thing to note for anyone who is going to read the upcoming recipes is that I do not use measures. I can’t really follow the prescribed ones in others’ recipes, I can’t judge by looking at it the exact amount of ingredient and I personally advocate a “to taste” approach to seasoning and measuring.

So without further ado here is the first recipe in the series: a nangai nut milk green bean looking thing and pumpkin omelette.

The idea of an omelette for me means any combination of veggies and optionally meat, stir fried a little then covered with a milk and egg mixture and cooked to form a pie like dish.
I think this is only the second or hire omelet I cooked in my entire life, I usually just scramble my veggies and eggs together. But I had a bottle of fleshly made nangai milk (recipe in future posts) sitting on my kitchen table that made me go “Hmmm….eggs and milk make omelet. Let me try this”. Needles to say I am now a convert. No more veggie scramble for me, it’s an omelette every single time from now on. It’s just much nice looking, holds nice shape and you can ever spread stuff on it if you feel so inclined.

This particular omelette consisted of:
Pumpkin slices
Sliced steak
Green looking squash thing
4 eggs
Generous splash of nangai nut milk (any milk will do including coconut)

Stir fry veggies and meat first, then mix eggs and milk together in a bowl and pour over the stir fry. Cook on low heat under a lid.
Sprinkle fresh herbs on top before serving for extra flavour and antioxidants.


PS if anyone can tell me what this green thing is called or at least what vegetable family it belongs to I would be very grateful: