Typical Breakfast – Coconut yoghurt and 2 minute apple cinnamon bread

I lie – my typical breakfast consists of chocolate truffles and coconut yoghurt but I am experimenting with breads now so this one looked too good to just eat and forget, had to share it.

I found a fool proof way to make most creamy Greek style yoghurt made from coconut cream! The yoghurt maker method was hit and miss and always produced watery results. But I have recently discovered that kefir grains which my dad uses to culture his milk can actually be used to culture anything and the floodgates of creative experimentation flew wide open. So far I cultured coconut water, chocolate nangai milk and coconut/goats milk mix. But the real winner was full fat coconut cream. It came out precisely like I rememeber greek yoghurt to taste like – tangy, rich, creamy and delicious. Needless to say I now make and eat it daily. Just put the grains in 400ml of cream and cover with a cloth and the next day strain and eat the yogurt and put the grains into a new batch of coconut cream. Repeat ad finitum. Kefir grains should be easy to obtain wherever you live, in Vanuatu they are freely available in Pangona, just ask 🙂

The 2 minute bread general idea I already wrote about and I continue to collect recipes and experiment. At the moment I am trying gluten free sourdough recipes and will post one when I perfect it. But this one came as an afterthought but turned out to be very delicious. I had some soft apple slices left after flavouring my kambucha so I chopped them up and added to the bread mix and microwaved. Bread mix itself can be any you find online (Google “microwave mug cake” with ingredients you have on hand).

This one had the following:

– some soft apple slices or puree
– cinnamon to taste (lots! )
– 1 tbsp buckwheat flour
– 1 tbsp protein powder (thank Maria Mind Body Spirit food blogger for the idea to use it as flour substitute in gluten free baking! )
– 2 tsp coconut flour
– 1/2 tsp baking powder (essential! )
– 2 tbsp coconut oil or butter
– 1 egg
– pinch of salt
– sweetener of choice to taste, liquid preferable to keep the cake extra moist, I used honey and stevia mix

Mix it up in a mug and microwave on high for 3 minutes. Enjoy slathered in butter or yoghurt… or both!