Stuffed snake gourd

As promised, my wildly successful cooking experiment recipe of…drum roll… STUFFED SNAKE GOURD!
It seems an omnipresent Vanuatu market staple and one of the few veggies here whose share naturally lends itself to stuffing. So I missed up some mince and cut the gourd and cleaned the inside and out the mince inside and cooked it with delicious results.
My mince mixture contained:
Beef mince
Salt, pepper, chilli
Grated marinated veggies (green pawpaw, shut shut, pumpkin)

I imagine this would be best cooked in an oven but mine is still in development so I braised it – in beef broth for extra flavour. And when reheating it the next day using the same braising method I cracked and cooked and egg in the broth as well to go with.
The ingenuity of this dish is the you can serve one such stuffed piece per plate and let everyone cut a bite size sliver of mince wrapped in snake gourde shell to eat it. I served mine with chilly mayo one day and with the runny broth poached egg the next.
This goes down in history as one of my real Vanuatu culinary inventions rather than just adaptations. Enjoy!