Multi function patties


This is half pancake half patty and I like making more of these than I plan to eat and then have them in the fridge for a quick snack. You can spread all manner of goodness on them, load them on top with salad or pate. Serve them instead of crackers with an antipasto platter. Use the instead of burger buns of sandwich bread. Possibilities are endless.

The general idea is: some veggies mixed with flour and egg, fried on both sides.

This particular creating consisted of:
Grated pumpkin
Grated shut shut (choko)
Island cabbage (in first world use spinach or any leafy green)
Manioc flour (you can use any flour be since i to to eat as much as possible Paleo this is my flour of choice)
Salt & pepper to taste

Mix it all in a bowl and spoon onto the frying pan. Try to keep them small so it’s easier to flip.
I use coconut it oil for cooking but you can use any oil you like.

When done I spooned salad on top of them and topped with a some mayo. The next day I served them as a side to a steak, so I put pieces of steak and salad inside and ate as a sandwich.

As a variation you can put cinnamon and some sweetener in the mix and have them sweet with yoghurt, ice cream, jams, honey or syrup.

I usually use my food processor for grating so end up with a large batch of grated stuff, in this case shut shut and pumpkin. You can preserve leftovers in a jar with some oil and vinegar and use in the coming days to add to salads, soups or to make more patties.