Home made mayo

This is another one of my fridge staples – mayo makes everything better! And one of the easiest recipes to make.

  • 1 egg (room temperature – very important!)
  • juice of 1 lime or half a lemon or splash of vinegar
  • teaspoon of whole grain mustard
  • salt
  • pretty much any oil

Do not use only Virgin Olive Oil as the flavour comes out too bitter. But you can mix it in with others. Using coconut oil the flavour comes out too strong. I have had most success using light olive oil, olive oil mixes or walnut oil.

Put everything but the oil in the blender and blend on low. Then just start pouring oil in a very thin stream into the top of the blender through the little hole in the lid. After a minute or two the mixture should emulsify and become mayo like instead of runny. It will further firm up in the fridge so if yours remains runny don’t despair. I usually just keep pouring oil it till it emulsifies and then stop, making 300-400ml of mayo usually.

And as always, I add some chilli into anything I eat!