Ginger cheesecake

Apologies for the photo I had to try a slice before I could decide if it was blog worthy. And it is!
Cheesecake is one of the things that I can make in a pressure cooker in the absence of an oven (that and a roast which I am yet to attempt). So although I prefer to buy and eat as much as possible local produce only, sometimes I go ahead and buy the 2kg philli block and have cheesecake every day for a month 🙂
The basic recipe I use is the following
But as with anything else I adapt it to my gluten free sugar free preferences.
The crust idea that I use for this and any other caked I make came from my days as a raw foodist: 50/50 mixture of any nut and dried fruit. I sprinkle in some cinnamon for extra flavour. Nuts being hard to come by in Vanuatu, I substituted those for cacao nibs to great success but ran out of those recently so this crust was made from a combination of nangai and coconut with some home made dried bananas and store bought dried apricots and dates. Put everything in a food processor and mix till it forms sort of a dough ball that goes round and round in your food processor bowl. I think I do need to add some butter or coconut oil usually to help things get started and not clump up. When dough forms grease your cake tin and press it into it.
The filling I make from 500g cream cheese, 2 eggs, generous amount of local vanilla extract. Sugar I replace with mix of honey and stevia to taste. I also take the rind of limes or lemons and juice a couple and add it all in.
This particular variation is ginger because I out ginger in it. But right now I can’t recall ether it was just in the crust or the filling also. But I do recent I wished I peeled it first because while the flesh dessinigrated readily, the peels kept getting caught in my mouth as I was eating it. And I do think straight up lemon or perhaps chocolate flavoured one would still be best, but I had lots of ginger laying around so it was a worthy experiment.
In a pressure cooker over a cup of water it takes only 15 minutes to cook and can be eaten straight out a bit sort and pudding like or left to set in the fridge overnight for a more dense consistency. I spread some of the lemon ginger butter I made a few days ago over it to finish it off.
And in the name of full disclosure and to show that not all experiments turn out well all the time but they are no less edible or enjoyable, I admit I didn’t have any honey left that day so I substituted with molasses. The flavour results were… interesting. And I won’t be doing that again, but I ate it all the same 🙂