Creamy soup

Soup is one of my weekly staples, especially nice when sick. Since I always make more bone broth when previous stock runs out I make the soup a lot. Due to being on a ketogenic diet I always blend it with a generous chunk of butter (up to 100g) which gives it that creamy consistency without any cream needed. Coconut oil blends in well as well.
My other soup blend staples are: turmeric, ginger, chilli, garlic, lime juice. If I cooked some vegetables in the broth then I like to blend those in too. But if I am having some pieces of meat from the broth those I simply leave in the bowl and blend the rest. I garnish with fresh herbs from my garden and lately I have been using my sprouter a lot so I always have delicious sprouts. Lentils sprout well while the rest I am still experimenting with and will write a separate dedicated post once I am done.
Some days I even start my day with a steaming cup of soup instead of coffee. Bone broth is the real nutrient bomb here and I will write a separate post dedicated to it one day.