Coconut meal or flour (almond meal substitute)

The penny pincher in me refuses to buy the overpriced nut and nut meals they sell in the stores here. So I am forever experimenting with local substitutes. Nangai nut is still pretty pricy to use in every day baking but coconut is everywhere in abudance. And coconut flour is gaining popularity in the health conscious circles. I did buy some coconut flour that was imported just so I have a frame of reference. And until my over is done I probably can’t quite replicate it. But in the mean time the pulp left over from making coconut cream is a perfect go to nut meal for my culinary creations. Any recipe that calls for almond meal I substitute this and add a tablespoon of purchased¬† coconut flour in. If you do have an oven you can go all the way by baking it on low to completely dehydrate it and then putting it through a blender. Complete instructions here