Chilli truffles

Chilli truffles is the mainstay of my fridge, as soon as they run out I make some more. They are quite easy to make and I have developed my own personal hack to speed up the process further.

So the basis of truffles is some chocolate, cream, butter and cacao powder.

Mine I make using the following ingredients:

  1. coconut cream 400ml
  2. dark chocolate 50 – 100g
  3. butter 50 – 100g
  4. cacao powder several heaped tablespoons
  5. sweetener (stevia, honey, anything you like to taste)
  6. I add chilli for an extra kick
  7. and some vanilla extract and cinnamon for more flavour

I melt all of that in a pot over low heat and then blend. Then I sprinkle cacao powder at the bottom of a ceramic pan and pour the mixture in and sprinkle more on top. Leave in the fridge for a few hours to set. Then pull out and score into squares, pop the squares out and dip the sides in more cacao powder which you can add into the dish as you remove the squares.

Enjoy with your morning coffee, as an after lunch or dinner snack or any time you want a luscious pick me up.