Chicken liver pate

Fun fact – liver contains more vitamins and minerals than any vegetable, including superfoods! I went through a stage on my ketogenic diet of eating very little vegetables and was wondering why I was feeling fine. When I learned this fun fact that explained everything to me, I wasn’t depriving myself, I was just getting it from liver.┬áSince then I try to include it as part of my diet and have liver withdrawals if I don’t have it for a couple of weeks. I used to cook beef liver beef stroganoff style but lately I haven’t had much luck finding any so I have bought some chicken livers instead. It is not my first time making the pate and coupled with some patties or even home made bread it makes for a filling and delicious meal, or a nice appetiser.

  • chicken livers (200g for a good size jar, I go all out with 500g)
  • 100g butter
  • salt, pepper, other spices to taste

There are more elaborate and precise recipes like Jamie Oliver’s chicken liver parfait, but I am a simple cook so I just fry some onions and garlic, add the livers to it and fry quickly (don’t over cook, 2 minutes on each side) and then chuck the lot into a food processor. This time I added the remainder marinate from the delicious coffee grind marinated steak I had a few days ago for extra interesting flavour. Blend and put in jars, and if its still warm enough just put a thick slice of button on top and let it melt, then store in the fridge and it will form a natural butter seal to keep it fresh longer.

One of my friends makes it in a chopper instead of food processor and adds some hard boiled eggs for a chunkier pate with a slightly different flavour. As with anything, feel free to experiment.

Chicken liver pate is a quick go to meal in itself due to its richness and nutrients, or a nice appetiser before a main meal. Serve on bread or patties, or even deep fried kumala slices which I used as crackers.