I am a  big fan of grinding my own spices. A small investment in a coffee grinder (aside form the joy for freshly ground coffee) repays a thousand fold in the intensity and flavour of freshly ground spices. And what other mix combines spices in such a delicious was as chai? I make a batch when the previous one runs out and aside from making many variations of chai tea itself I also add it to pork dishes, pumpkin dishes and deserts and ice cream.

The spice mix recipe I took from one of my many Tea recipe books but I vary it from batch to batch:
4 tbsp ground cinnamon
3 tbsp ground cardamom (I found bashing and shelling pods first yields a better result thst simply grinding them)
1 tbsp ground cloves
1 tbsp ground pepper

It says also 1 tbsp ground ginger but I skip that and add fresh ginger when I cook with it.

I do add other variations like nutmeg, star anais or fennel seeds also.

Once the mix is done I use it to create an occasional chai latte.
First brew some tea base. It can be any black or grew tea and even peppermint or other herbal works well. Pour in a  blender with some of this magical spice mix, add a know of ginger. My personal recipe involves blending it with unsalted butter. But for a more authentic and less extreme option you can just use milk. Blend and enjoy!

Other variations I have tried is simply adding the spice to milk and then frothing it. Or using matcha powder together with the chai powder for an even thicker and more delicious matcha chai latte.

Cacao powder would work too, it was very featured as a T2 blend that I love called Choc Chip Chai.