Carpacio with wasabi mayo

Sushi being one of my favourite foods in the world, carpacio follows closely behind. Especially seasoned “just so” it’s a wonderful lunch time treat or dinner entrée.
Since I leave my house less and less these days I wanted to ensure u can make this “town” treat at home. One butcher told me it is usually made from frozen topside so I went ahead and order some next time I was in the store. The looked at me strangley when I asked for some uncut topside and brought me… 2.5kg of it in one slab. Ok, I guess I have enough carpacio to last me through my winter hibernation now.
I cut it into 200g pieces and glad wrapped them before storing in the freezer. Now every time I was some carpacio I thaw one piece slightly to make it easier to cut and then slice as thinly as I can manage.
You can drizzle and garnish it with anything you like, some use lemon juice, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, even grated cheese. But my favourite topping is capers with a bit of the brine from the jar.
And of course loads of wasabi! Instead of mixing it with soy, not to risk exploding my head from an overdose, last time I came up with an idea (or maybe I just recalled it from the menu in the Wahoo bar?…) of wasabi mayonnaise. Just mix some wasabi into mayonnaise to desired potency and enjoy!