Bone broth

This is the true backbone of most if not all of my savoury cooking. A good stock and some soft falling apart meat can be eaten on their own or transformed into so many delicious dishes. The bone broth recipe itself can be found all over the Internet so if you don’t have something from my list below just Google it with the ingredients and equipment you do have and I am sure you will find a suitable variation.

So what I do is take some cartilage rich bones and meat like oxtail or veal neck or pig trotters or chicken feet and pour just enough water to cover. You can use just normal bones with no meat but I prefer to use the above selection and then use the meat in other recipes like curry, omelettes, etc.

Then add any herbs and spices you like to the pot. I add black peppercorns whole, salt and bay leaf, sometimes sugar or thyme for flavour. And a dash of vinegar to help leech the goodness out of the bones. I use apple cider and pour quite a bit of it into the broth, maybe 1/4 cup, but even a tablespoon should be enough. Cook in a slow cooker for 6 hours or pressure cooker for 1 hour.

When done have a steaming cup of broth striaght out of the pot to celebrate and cool off the rest and store in glass jars or other containers in the fridge. You know you have succeeded if the broth sets into a jelly like consistency overnight. You can enjoy it like that on a hot summer day. Or use in stews, soups, braise in it, cook rice in it, poach eggs, sky is the limit.