Bone broth risotto

A long time devotee of bone broth, today I came up with another dish to make from it –  risotto. It seems a match made in heaven and is the creamiest most delicious dish I have eaten in a while.

The idea is very simple –  cook your rice in bone broth! Measure out two parts broth to one part rice and cook until the rice softens. Or just follow your usual rice cooking recipe.

To the cooking rice you can add any extras you like. I cooked it together with the meat I used for that particular broth – oxtail and pig skin. I also added cumin seeds and some cinnamon but any spices will go. Seeds work particularly well both when cooking normal rice and when cooking a risotto.

After I turned the heat off I lightly whipped some eggs and mixed it well through the risotto which gave the already delicious mixture an extra load of protein, vitamins and creamy texture.

Top with butter when serving if you like but it will already be so rich and creamy it won’t really be necessary.