2 minute cake or bread

I have been struggling without a oven for over 2 years now and recently dragged over the microwave into my outdoor home to make use of quick 2 minute microwave cakes and breads. I wanted some bread to go with my soups and some warm delicious chocolate cakes to go with my coconut yoghurt and jams. If you google microwave cakes you will find up an abudance of recipes. I adapted one from Paleo Indulgences, one of my favourite cookbooks, and only vary the seasoning to go from savoury to sweet to chocolate but the basics remain the same:
Dry Ingredients
1/3 cup (40 g) almond flour
1 TBSP coconut flour, sifted
½ tsp baking powder
Pinch sea salt

Wet Ingredients
2 TBSP coconut oil, melted (plus 1 tsp extra for greasing the cup)
1 egg

As noted in my previous post I now use coconut meal s replacement for almond meal. So my cakes end up very filling.

For savoury I add herbs, but chopped olives can work too. For sweet any of the following: honey, cacao, stevia or any other sweetener, raisins, figs, banana.

Mix up the dry ingredients, then mix in the wet ones. Grease a good size mug and add the mix in and microwave. I would say 2 minutes first and then have a look. If it looks like a cake, eat it. If not just yet microwave some more.

When done you can upturn the mug onto a plate and end up with a pretty round top cake. I didn’t do it for the photos because I proceeded right through to lathering it in coconut yoghurt. And ended up emptying the container so just placed the cake inside instead for the most indulgent hot-chocolate-cake-swimming-in-coconut-yoghurt eating experience.

PS and if that isn’t indulgent enough for you, try putting a piece of chocolate inside the batter before microwaving for a melted chocolate center. Mmmmm…