Scariest dream of my life

Feel like writing to round off the day. As I am slowly coming back to this dimension after spending a whole week in the depth of my psyche and across time and space, I am hoping that recounting “mundane” life events will help further ground me.

Grateful for:

Having my scariest, perhaps even first ever, bad dream! It was quite fascinating and just would not let me go, I would wake up and go back to sleep just to find myself back in it. A couple of times I thought I woke up but then realised I was still in a dream. At the end I was so frustrated and wanted to get out of it that I started screaming and moaning in a dream hoping that the sound of my own voice would wake up and it worked. It was weird that although I knew I was in a dream, unlike my previous lucid experiences I could not just fly away. I tried using my brain power to make the people that were surrounding me disappear, I tried swooping my hands back and forth and simply push them knowing they are just dream characters but it had only temporary effect and I simply could not control it and did my best to wake myself up over and over again. My psyche was definitely stirred up significantly this week, some hard core processing going on.

Was playing housewife with myself all day: went shopping, cooked some stuff, fed the cat, had a guest over for dinner – ahhhhh, normality…

Started looking at the next destination fares. It seems I have enough miles to cover the trip to Texas with some to spare and none of this year’s flights have been counted yet.

Hiring the next brilliant superstar to run my business for me.

Having spicy coffee and making and having spicy chocolate. What can I say, I do have a spicy life.

Paradigm shifts galore today – in the morning around love, in the evening around money. I can’t give my brain even a day’s rest.

Being invited to a party – ain’t that nice, my introverted past self is astounded.

Receiving a gift today.

Running into a friend and getting a ride from the store today. Saves me lugging kilos of groceries along the highway.

Receiving a free knife and the smallest citrus juicer for free at the store for watching a promo. Free stuff FTW. Maybe its a sign for me to get back into my morning lemon juice drinking routine, I am feeling a little flu’y right now. My body was holding it together since the 1st of March and now that there are no more workshops planned it is going into self destruct mode and demanding rest which I can’t seem to supply it with. So on that note, I am off to bed, good night!