On the road again…

Just can’t wait to get… on the road again…

My first day out of “the house with lots of excitement” and the energies are shifting rapidly. A full blog post on my learnings of what has got to be the craziest month of my life is pending, but to warm my stiff fingers to lots of gratuitous typing again here is a short sum of my first day in New Zealand.

Grateful for:

  1. Having a 12 hour sleep – most certainly needed it.
  2. “Dong” ing (dong=cold in cantonese I’ve been told tonight) at home all day recuperating from the craziness of the previous day’s flights.
  3. Falling absolutely in love with my reflection in the mirror this morning. My affirmations are beginning to work! “I am a Divine expression of life. I accept myself as beautiful and loved”
  4. Falling absolutely in love with my muesli breakfast! Even though my intend a few days ago was to make some muesli BARS and I even (loosely) followed the recipe, what came out of the oven was just muesli and nothing stuck together. This morning I got to actually eat some of it with rice milk and I swear I must have accidentally created the world’s best muesli, I nearly cried of how good it tasted.
  5. Falling in love with my new luggage. Thank you Universe for absolutely trashing my bag in flight yesterday and forcing me to purchase a new one – it is sooo awesome! I now totally feel like a snail that carries her house with her. It might be no minimalist travel this time around but I can arrive anywhere and within 5 minutes transform it into Polina’s sanctuary – ahhh…
  6. Attempting to read fiction again – I won’t pretend, it’s tough but I’m managing, onto page 6!
  7. Trying not 1 but 2 new teas today! Being a guest at a fellow tea-holic’s house – a heaven of funky new flavours to taste and tea pots and cups to admire.
  8. Being graciously invited to a family dinner! I nearly cried within the first hour – I want a large family and family dinners too!! It was really lovely and the food OMG! super yummy and simple enough that even I perhaps won’t stuff up if I attempt it.
  9. Talking way too much for my usual self. I haven’t found a comfortable middle and tend to oscillate between not talking at all with some people and then doing nothing but talking with others. Still mastering the art of even conversation exchange…
  10. Poking my face into facebook after a 2 month break. Got sucked in straight away into nothingness doing. It is a dangerous hole that one, but I am determined to learn to peer in from the edge without falling in.