Emotional upheaval

Grateful for:

  1. Having an emotional day the likes of which I can hardly remember. Crying all day on account of not 1, not 2 but 3 highly emotional events. Now that I have created myself a writing outlet to explore these feelings in the locked section of my blog I will do so now.
  2. Sleep deprivation across the board that made this morning’s farewell an almost casual affair… until the weight of it sank in that is.
  3. Giving the solicitor phone instructions to release the funds of our largest real estate purchase on settlement tomorrow to my ex. God bless and finally off to a new chapter of life for him.
  4. Sleeping in the master bed again. Lovingly christened “the box” it has totally different feel to the wilderness of the mattress on the veranda sleep of the past week (especially since the neighbour asked today “Weren’t you afraid of the hooligan monkeys who sometimes visit during the night?”… what monkeys?!)
  5. The Thoth tarot cards are starting to speak to me the way only John Howard’s did until now, and with much more umph and substance.
  6. Getting an email invite to the Astral Projection practice group on the morning of the 5th of December, the day after I fly into Melbourne. Just as I was beginning to feel frustration with my lack of self study progress and exercises I am being gently nudged along the path. Now only to wake up on time and get myself to the centre at 6am…
  7. Being invited for a short relaxing visit to the neighbours. Nice to be able to share my feelings when they are swelling up so. Being deemed a “sensitive” person which I would take as a compliment at this stage of my self growth since it has been a long and arduous journey for me to stop thinking and start feeling.
  8. Identifying my blog’s marketplace niche so it is starting to feel less of a narcissistic ego trip for me and more of a product.
  9. Realising I have had no time for facebook for what seems like weeks now. Yet the quality of time, depth and authenticity of interactions all increased. These are the definite facts, and as for the possible theoretical connection between the two read Steve’s post that prompted this hiatus in the first place. Now I have a problem of having to schedule some facebook time back in to maintain the few truly precious connections I have on there, which is a nice problem to have.
  10. Getting a feeling that I don’t want to leave… De ja vu…