What is Tantra?

I have asked myself and some friends “What is Tantra?” and got the following responses. Please comment below if that word means anything to you so I can add your response to this small compendium.

For more in-depth view and to form your own understanding, you might wish to review my Spiritual Sexual Shamanism course notes.

  • Presence
  • Integration of divine masculine and feminine inside
  • Activating and channelling energy
  • Method of putting more sexual energy into entire body and having it expand into your life in general
  • tantra is a concept. It can be a symbolic reminder to step into the sensual, expansive experiences of life… it’s a reminder to breathe. It’s a reminder to breath with your pussy, your cock, your unbridled self deservement and self pleasure. Tantra is a way to connect with another that allows you to move into deep entrainment from head to toe and beyond with another human being…
  • Tantra is a spiritual practice to support waking up. Unlike many traditions it includes our sexuality rather than ignoring it. So doing this ‘work’ can allow us to heal our addictions, see clearly our obsession or repression, and heal our fear, shame and guilt. We can therefore embody our full humaness in order to recognize and realize our wholeness and unity between male/female, within and without, between mind/body/spirit and of course heaven and earth.
  • Tantra is a lifestyle and it encompasses everything – how we walk, how we talk, how we eat, how we breath, how we sleep, how we love