Computer Simplicity

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[tabtext]Launcher program[/tabtext]
[tabtext]Clear desktop[/tabtext]
[tabtext]Organize “downloads” folder by date[/tabtext]
[tabtext]All local files stored in “my documents”[/tabtext]
[tabtext]Store everything online[/tabtext]
[tabtext]All photos on Flickr[/tabtext]
[tabtext]All music on iPod/Grooveshark[/tabtext]
[tab]launch programs, documents, everything just by typing (focus p. 59 or google to find the best one). I have used Launchy in the past but right now I use only 7 programs day to day so keep them pinned to start menu for easy access.[/tab]
[tab]right click desktop > view > untick “show icons” > enjoy pure zen[/tab]
[tab]to have the latest download always on top. Purge regularly/as you go[/tab]
[tab]don’t worry about organizing it, instead use search/launcher to find what you need[/tab]
[tab]My life experiences and passion for freedom have led me to decision to store all of my data in the “cloud” so I am not attached and dependent on any particular physical device.¬†I currently use Google Docs, Dropbox and Humyo and am yet to simplify and streamline these but will make a post about it once I do.[/tab]
[tab]I use a variety of plugins and apps to work with my photos in many different ways (another post pending)[/tab]
[tab]Grooveshark completely eliminates the need to download music by giving me exactly the songs I want. Plus it works around the globe, on my computer, my mobile, in offline mode, allows sharing, widgets and other goodies.[/tab]
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The checklist for simplifying your computer was inspired by my recent reading of Focus Manifesto (highly recommended and free) and my own extensive computer usage (sometimes I wonder who uses who but that’s a topic for another discussion).