Endlessly creative

Cheated today, left my “morning” pages till the very evening. But it’s ok, I have a good excuse, which I am not going to disclose here. But it was definitely worth it. At least I am writing, I was deliberating for a long time whether to take a “well deserved” break for a day.

I am really outdoing myself on the cooking front. Raw cooking for a year was a fun adventure, but now expanding to “normal” cooking also – my God the possibilities are endless. I have made 5 types of pizzas yesterday with varieties like mushroom/pesto/goat’s cheese or goat’s cheese/artichoke hearts/sun-dried tomatoes or tomato/basil/olive/mozzarella – oh my, it was a treat! I will be a healthy gourmet home cook before long. I was called “endlessly creative” then – my ego was beside itself with glee.

I am continuously being blown away by the Book of Secrets. The only reason I have not created a separate Quotes post to jot down pearl of wisdom from that book is because every single paragraph is so dense with meaning that I would probably end up transcribing the book verbatim, like it happened last year while reading Krishnamurti’s Mirror of Relationship. And at 1000+ pages long that would be a lot of quoting/transcribing. So it is easier to just supply a link to the actual manuscript, kindly provided by my friend who has urged me to read the book and is currently reading, quoting and providing his own commentary on it here.

Yesterday I have read the first few breath meditations and the ones about sex (read or listen to 48, 49, 50 here)  The breath awareness was never my forte so no major illuminations there (and no wonder most mainstream meditation methods have never worked for me). But the methods around the sexual act have given me a number of affirmations of my own personal experiences and even an answer to the question “Is there even anything beyond this level?” that I have asked myself just the other day, having reached what many sex theories dub the pinnacle of orgasmic experience. Needless to say, excited and elated, and happy to explore further.

I can hear the horse drawn carriage pass by outside the window – quite surreal. It is lovely staying so close to the historical centre, the carriages that are aplenty there make their way past the apartment a few times a day – an instant through back a couple of centuries in the past, I can have a whole imagination journey if I close my eyes… and no cars drive by at the same time!

Really, between writing Morning Pages, cooking and studying German, with each activity seeming to take at least a few hours to accomplish, I have very little time to do anything else during the day. That speeding up of time has got me again! No matter how much awareness I bring to the present moment, it flies by way too quickly to accomplish anything else so I am limiting my activities to jus these essentials and squeezing a few pages of the Book before bedtime.

Should I utter the magic words now, after which inevitably some theme worthy of writing springs to mind: I don’t know what to write! And I have 1 more page to go…

Hmm, it didn’t work… still have nothing to say.

Horray! I have used another suggestion of my aforementioned friend and have found and inserted an image related to my post for my dear readers’ subtle visual break from all the text. Now, this is going to sound terribly uncool but – the heart shaped pizza image is sooooo cute!

Oh my God! The worst disaster of all has just struck! I have run out of nail polish remover with one hand full of chipped nail polish still to go, and worse yet, on the eve of Sunday, the day when the shops across the whole Vienna are shut (for that alone, I can’t believe how it managed to consistently make it it into the top of the most liveable cities on Earth). Wow, I just read the list myself for the first time – what is Adelaide doing on it anyway?? I guess I will have to visit to find out, but I have never heard anyone say a single good thing about it, but heard a few “it’s boring” type comments. And it looks like I will have to make a point of properly visiting Canada sometimes soon to be able to say with absolute certainty: “I have visited the top 10 most liveable cities in the world and I find that… Vanuatu is still better” :-p