Fudgulating culprit

Grateful for:

  1. Starting to learn Italian with my favourite Michael Thomas method. About half an hour a day for the next 4 weeks and I will land in Italy speaking their language quite fluidly. Very exciting.
  2. Stuffed around with my blog on and off all day. Now its all nice and pretty and works just the way I want it to.
  3. Yesterday had fun hanging out with a friend – fish tacos, silly conversations and psychological eating all make for a night well spent.
  4. Buying supplies: spinach leaves, bananas, coconut butter and stevia. If the world ends today I am happy.
  5. Making chocolate covered berries. One day I WILL perfect the recipe but right now I am coming up with all sorts of concoctions in the process. This barely even brown mixture can hardly be called chocolate but I think I found the fudgulating culprit – cinnamon! Second try scheduled for tomorrow.
  6. First time trying pumpernickel bread – yum!!!
  7. Coming up with another SUPER weird combination smoothie that actually tasted great – spinach leaves, banana, orange juice, lemon juice and …. coffee!!!
  8. Taking the dog for a walk at sunset. Texas has the second most beautiful in the world sunsets after Vanuatu so I am always rewarded with a nice sight.
  9. Super grateful for my task list that keeps me on track. Hooray for Remember The Milk
  10. Feeling good throughout the day, can’t stop myself from making audible deeply satisfied sighs from time to time. Life is just so awesome, it hurts…