My usual RAW breakfast – sprouts

Another excerpt from an email to a friend that some might find useful – crash course on sprouting and daily healthy raw breakfast:

I sprout buckwheat groats or quinoa and once sprouted have that for breakfast each morning topped with fresh fruit and berries and I also add whatever smoothie I happen to be making at the time as a sauce to the sprout/fruit concoction. Works a treat every single time.

For sprouting get one of those jars with lids where you can put cheesecloth instead of the lid and then follow whatever sprouting instructions you find online. I usually soak for 4-6 hours, then rinse and drain several times which is easy with the cheesecloth lid and then leave covered in the dark overnight. In the morning you should start seeing roots come out and you can already use it in your breakfast. Keep rinsing morning and evening to keep the sprouts growing, some things take longer to sprout that others. To impede sprout growth store in the fridge. Ensure to drain well otherwise it will go rancid. A good batch should last you a few days and each day you will see new growth with roots and shoots (both tiny) and each morning the taste and consistency will be slightly different. Once you’re done with a jar of sprouts start the next one!