Weekend in the countryside

  1. Shooting the gun for the first time! And not just any gun but an ancient musket – got a video to prove it. And I even managed to hit the target.
  2. Picking fresh and eating apples, figs and blueberries.
  3. Finishing a book which is always a mini accomplishment.
  4. Gathering the courage to ask for what I want, took me a whole day but I finally did it. It is hard working on my limitations. Having committed 2010 to being a year of giving I have had amply opportunity to practice it. Maybe now I should focus more on ASKING, not that would be a real challenge.
  5. Spending a weekend at the countryside is one of the best things for the body and soul, feeling nourished inside and out.
  6. Eating  lots of wholesome foods in the true French style: lots of different dishes and foods at each meal.
  7. Playing with the little dog.
  8. Swinging on swings.
  9. Stopping by a river on the way back and exploring it following the overgrown trails, jumping under and over small waterfalls and generally enjoying the wild nature.
  10. Visiting an old covered town well which with its ambiance and striking interplay of shadows made for an awesome black & white photography site.