Playing social catch up

Grateful for:

  1. Having baklava and coffee for breakfast.
  2. Visiting funky Newtown.
  3. Finally buying a new bag! No more falling apart constantly needing a new stitch up 3 year old thing that really needs to be laid to rest.
  4. Visiting another common friend together. Witnessing a miracle that is adopting a child from overseas after a 7 year battle of paperwork and red tape. My mind boggles with the enormity and absurdity of it all but the result – she is absolutely gorgeous.
  5. Buying miniature orchids as a present. I love flower and unusual things. Unusual flowers is a double whammy!
  6. For the first time since getting here remembering that I used to live in Petersham because we were catching Petersham line train… which is the place I have spent most of my Sydney years in. Our memory plays funny tricks on us.
  7. Going to a home style cooking Mexican restaurant for dinner and having the most amazing meal. I overate pretty bad, could not stop myself, it has been a very long time since my last food coma.
  8. Catching up with yet another friend in the evening and seeing the most spectacular view of Sydney.
  9. Talking about intuitive reading experience with someone who is not into this stuff at all. I forget by now being surrounded by highly spiritual people that things like karmic connection, energy movement in the body and talking to different versions of yourself is not in fact common knowledge but is considered “esoteric” and “alternative”.
  10. Having 4 different meetings today! My brain is getting over stimulated with “people” input but considering I am playing social catch up for the past 26 years of my life I guess its good for me.