Manifesting Abundance

  1. One of the most hilarious episodes of manifestation I have created to date. The back story: after reading some forum post somewhere that struck a note with me about not visualising abundance of money as such but instead, visualising abundance of what is it that the money means for you, what would it buy. I thought to myself, “I am pretty content with everything right now, I know, I love to buy fresh fruits and veggies at the market. I visualise a state of abundance where I don’t stop to think about the price at all and I just buy whatever my heart desires in abundance and have abundance of fruit and veggies.” So today I go to the market… happened to be at closing time and to my great astonishment, each departing stall owner leaves behind boxes and boxes of all sorts of fruits and vegetables! Granted not perfectly well but who cares, I have never seen such abundance of fruit and veggies freely given away. And this happens every day?! This place is a paradise! We loaded up the car with boxes upon boxes of all sorts of yummy things and off we went to the relatives to share and cook and enjoy it all. I could not stop laughing at the manifestation. Next up in manifestation queue: unlimited unrestricted travel around the world. My beliefs do not allow me to firmly believe in it being totally free, but cheap to the point of negligible – yes please! These unconventional travel guides I purchased the other day seem to hold the answer.
  2. Going to the country again to the relatives. I absolutely love it there, the way there and back, French country side is simply magical.
  3. Having to sing “Kalinka Malinka” every time I go there. I am terrible at it but I try my best. Today I even added a bit of traditional Russian dance moves for an authentic experience.
  4. Cooking a Russian dish I love since childhood but never cooked and haven’t eaten in decades and it turned out well! It is simply fried mushrooms with potatoes and a bit of onion, can’t really mess it up I guess so it was really yummy.
  5. Gathering a box of plums and a box of apples from the trees to add to my overflowing abundance of fresh fruit.
  6. Trying green tea with cinnamon for the first time. Yummy! Since I never add sweetener to my tea (blasphemy!) this is a great way to have something sweet tasting when I have a craving for some.
  7. Realising that life is magic. When it does not give me something that I want, it gives me something that I need. I simply can’t loose even if I try.
  8. I must be going through one of my stupid phases at the moment because I think a lot every day and also think myself quite wise.
  9. Trying to decide which country I want to live in and finding it difficult. Absolute freedom is a tough destiny to have.
  10. My business is nearing autopilot mode! I work less than 1 hour per day at the moment. Another dream coming true. Wooooooooooooo!