Makes herself into a masterpiece

Grateful for:

  1. Going on another mini adventure tomorrow to Biscarrosse on France’s west Bordeaux coast. On the road again, just can’t wait to get… on the  road again!
  2. Sending out several quotes and scheduling several new projects. The stream of work is never ending. I still sometimes thing what would I do if my business dries up but it never did in years so I think I should just stop worrying.
  3. Buying a replacement screen for by broken laptop today. After leaving it in 3 different repair shops in 3 different cities all with no result I have decided to repair it myself.
  4. Having lots of people comment on my new FB picture. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  5. When going to reloan my accumulated repayments in Kiva the other day I found out I actually had almost enough repayments to cover my 1 load a day goal! It took much shorter time than I thought to get to this point.
  6. Find a new auto reloan feature on Kiva, so now my funds are being lent out as soon as they are being repaid. It is a thrill to let such powerful life changing money circulation machine loose. Yeepee!
  7. Beautiful full moon watching me from behind fast moving clouds as I type this – magical.
  8. Enjoying past two days in solitude. Got suckered in by the computer so it seems I really need to have people around me to distract me from the evil machine, I am too powerless otherwise.
  9. Finding a quote on a friend’s FB page that woke me up to what I actually managed to do with my life and elevated my spirits. Plus gave me a strong motivator to be the best I can be in life. Enjoy:
  10. There are two types of creators in the world: one type works with objects – a painter, a poet, they work with things, they create things; the other type of creator, the mystic, creates himself. He doesn’t work with objects, he works with the subject; he works on himself, his own being. And he is the real creator, the real poet because he makes himself into a masterpiece.