Leaving Barcelona

Grateful for:

  1. A wonderful fast paced intense week in Barcelona.
  2. Following some with a work assignment to see all tourist sights since I would have never gone on my own.
  3. Seeing the many faces of Barcelona and some wonderful sights.
  4. Taking photos and really indulging in my b&w photography.
  5. Taking pictures of people, slowly slowly…
  6. Meeting a fellow Australian Vipassana meditator randomly on the street.
  7. Having my landlord, quite an unlikely fellow, sign up for Vipassana in August. It is spreading like wildfire. Or is it just a matter of like attracting like?
  8. Driving from Spain to France through Andorra and seeing some of the most breathtaking mountain landscapes I have ever seen.
  9. Arriving into Toulouse with fireworks going off, quite literally – celebrating my arrival of course, or perhaps it was the French version of the independence day.
  10. I can move countries without blinking an eye.

[iframe http://www.flickr.com/photos/polinet/archives/date-taken/2010/07/13/#photo_navi_contact_span_26070506@N02 770 520]