Inspired mission

Grateful for:

  1. Getting inspired to create a mission statement for me and my business. Self induced paradigm shift, new perspective and renewed interest in my business.
  2. Uploading the remainder of my photo archive. Some images are so good, simply print, frame and sell. So proud!
  3. Purchasing an upgrade to my HP Mini today, Asus 1201N a netbook with dual core Intel processors and dedicated nVidia graphics card. That coupled with my new portable monitor and to hell with traveling – I’m staying home and playing World of Warcraft!
  4. Noticing an incredible synchronicity in the fact that I have only reviewed a couple of netbooks online the day before among the sea of those on the market, decided I wanted 1201N and then in the shop we went to that was ONLY 1 of 2 models for sale. I didn’t even bother comparing or looking any further. Life is so easy when you flow.
  5. Invoicing day! The most pleasant day of the month.
  6. Receiving the best reaction yet to an invoice from a client: You kidding me? that cheap? Are you sure?
  7. Getting a certificate from local university that I am enrolled into their language course without actually enrolling. 1 step closer to my unlimited stay in Europe goal.
  8. Making pesto that tasted like pesto from some unidentifiable local greens and almonds. Yummy.
  9. Awesome technology that grabs my Flickr photos and draws a world map with my trip trajectory on it. This year it is quite a squiggle and its not over yet!
  10. I love how I get this brilliant ideas and paradigm shifts seemingly out of thin air. Oh wait a minute, I think I get it now where they are coming from…