Expect More, Pay Less

Grateful for:

  1. Finding alternative couch to surf in London this weekend after the initial arrangement fell through.
  2. Creating many different styles from a single pair of sandals with some ropes and threads and other materials. Love of variety (or just being female) and desire to travel light produce some really creative and inspired ideas.
  3. Scoring an online style profiling for free. Not sure if they had a bug in the system or they abandoned the site maintenance so now people can purchase automated personal profile for free, but result remains – got something for free I was going to pay money for. My vision scrap book is already working, “Expect More, Pay Less” poster just came through.
  4. Finally starting “Drawing on the right side of the brain” video and getting inspired by before and after results of others. Buying pencils to start my own transformation.
  5. Starting to emotionally let go of some stuff I won’t be taking with me. Especially books, oh its heartbreaking and never gets any easier. And I think I will have to sacrifice my beautiful cast iron Japanese tea pot on the altar of “light travel”. I have read some awful stories about European airlines luggage restrictions enforcement and need to take the necessary precautions.
  6. Reading that inability to structure and stick to a daily schedule is part of my personality and not a contagious disease. Awareness if half a cure, so now I am combating that with a google calendar filled with things I want to do each day (meditate, draw, read, write a personal email, simpleology) that generate an email for each task for me every day. And since my inbox is my task list/PM system thanks to ActiveInbox it all plays together nicely with my other commitments and tasks and I actually do most of those things, even on wacky days.
  7. My friend offering me to take and use her Portuguese bank card in my travels after I have repeatedly failed to withdraw cash from ATMs around town. I am humbled by the generosity and trust.
  8. My bank agreeing to reverse all fees associated with unsuccessful ATM attempts. Somehow, in my recent dealings with banks they have become much more agreeable and nice, not sure if it is a global trend of just my state of mind.
  9. Encouragement to keep up my blog posts. Nice to have others remind you to do what’s good for you. Thank you.
  10. I love how creative I am in finding the lightest way to travel.