Grateful for:

  1. Visiting my first “no menu, one choice only” restaurant today and it was delicious. Can’t find the translation but they serve entrecote.
  2. Receiving my vitamins in the mail. After one whole month of waiting and a day before departure I was starting to loose hope but the universe delivers as usual.
  3. Reviewing the books I have read this winter. Not much read, but that just means I was busy doing more interesting stuff.
  4. Receiving a compliment today from people I recently met that I am (translation) “endearing and unique”. Weee, love compliments =)
  5. Barely speaking French and there I go trying to explain to people about the meaning of natal charts and planetary influences. No wonder they thought I was “unique”.
  6. Having to explain my 3 reasons for this blog to someone made me reconnect with its meaning and importance to me so here I am writing again!
  7. Listening to some Enigma today first time since teens and really enjoying it, time to embrace my New Age self.
  8. Making a smoothie for lunch with too much frozen bananas – came out like a sorbet. Yumm! If only all culinary mistakes tasted so good.
  9. Reading other people’s travel stories and photos on FB, while others travel vicariously through me I get to travel vicariously through someone else and “see” more of the world and “experience” more of the adventures.
  10. Letting go of a label and experiencing release of tensions and expectations. Never ceases to amaze me the huge experiential gap between “I think I got it” and “I did it”.