Archetypical day

Grateful for:

  1. Having an awesome conversation with an awesome friend.
  2. Hitting looking for some cool people to meet during my short transit through London next weekend.
  3. Making some yummy raw cookies and crackers today, again totally intuitively.
  4. Starting daily drawing practice.
  5. Reading Sacred Contracts most of the day, working out my archetypes and learning deeper meanings of chakras and how to work with them. Most of the material is graciously made available by Carolyn Myss on her site.
  6. Crystallising my dreams of creative art life into a definite goal and desire. First baby step towards the goal: finding a nice art community and school in Europe, putting my intuition and spirit guides to the test.
  7. Catching up on some emails, as always more left to answer then already have been answered but I am perpetually working on it.
  8. Coming across a few paradigm shifting quotes today, always a nice experience.
  9. Checking my flickr page to see people adding my photos to their favourites and sending me compliments. Uh oh, turns out I’m not the only one in love with them.
  10. I love how perceptive I am.