The joy of working all day

Grateful for:

  1. Working pretty much all day! My oh my I forgot how it feels, I live a truly blessed life to be able to say that. Working all day is just want I need to renew my feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the lifestyle of working less than 1 hour on any other given day. Thank you!
  2. Rummaging in a near by Op Shop for my lunch break.
  3. Left home without the money so could not actually buy anything, but am grateful that at least I took the keys! Going back there tomorrow to pick up my Elmo doona cover.
  4. Getting my inbox to empty! Hallelujah! Now if only I could tackle everything in my “Next Action” and “Action” labels as quickly…
  5. Spending 2 hours in the kitchen in the morning – pretty much every morning! Awesome way to start the day making fresh juice and then lots of other yummy things. Today it was kale chips and capsicum/sun dried tomato/juice pulp/sprouts/linseed crackers.
  6. Getting a massage for my sore neck – awesome!
  7. Eating yummy dinner prepared by a house mate – double awesome! I am discovering how great it is to actually live with people, not only I have someone to cook for, someone cooks for me in return. Incredible!
  8. Increasing my contractor’s rate while myself remaining broke. It is an interesting feeling that propels me to reward good work despite it negatively affecting my own financial position. I recognize and celebrate such qualities within myself.
  9. Finally getting back to gratitude blogging! Yet another whirlwind is finally settling as I am getting into the grove of my new Melbourne life.
  10. I love my zen room with barely anything in it … but space, lots of space. Ahhh….