Sharing in the magic

Grateful for:

  1. Picking up my housemate from the airport. Yeppee! Together again!
  2. Having an obscene about of seafood bugs for lunch (I lost count).
  3. Farewelling a friend on her holiday to Sydney.
  4. Randomly and coincidentally sharing most of my trip with a Harley and a BMW motorcycles. It was awesome slicing up the lanes, roaring our exhausts off and speeding off lights. It is an great feeling sharing in the joy of riding with others.
  5. Affecting positive change in people.
  6. Feeling like a true fashionista and drawing adoring looks from everybody. Oh its so much fun 🙂
  7. Spending a girly night out.
  8. Enjoying an absolutely cloudless divine soft peach coloured sunset.
  9. Appreciating ever so deeply the magic of Melbourne’s sunset: we are on the East coast, yet watch sunsets over the water every night.
  10. Sharing and revelling in Melbourne’s magic with someone who feels it just as strongly.
  11. Medicating an onset of a cold with a scotch, hot water, lemon and honey “cocktail” at a bar.
  12. Walking down spongy sidewalks.
  13. Having the best ever Chinese! It was so delicious I could not stop making moaning sounds with my eyes closed. Unfortunately I was sworn to secrecy of this place so can not disclose its location but OMG! It was good!..