Epic fail x 2

Grateful for:

  1. Finally realising at 5am that I better go to bed, to only then realize that I had an early appointment the next day and would need to wake up in an hour to get ready. Why I am grateful for 1 hour sleep? Not sure, was just a weird experience how it all came together and I am grateful for all unusual experiences.
  2. Attending a very inspiring business workshop breakfast and walking away with more new ideas that I can poke a stick at, so I better get poking.
  3. Trusting my oracle cards for the first time instead of trying to reinterpret them in a way that suits my intellect.
  4. Having not 1 but 2 incredible conversations today over skype. I feel truly blessed to have people in my life that I beautifully co create in the conversation space with.
  5. Having another amazing conversation with my house mates when everyone got home. Extra special gratitude goes to this one as being fortunate enough to have this experience almost every night runs a risk of taking it for granted, while in fact that is the most miraculous thing to be able to experience this every day.
  6. Creating 2 epic fails in the kitchen today. Nothing to make you finally appreciate your cooking skills like failing in that arena from time to time. What can one do with a tray of burnt wedges and a container of watery tatziki?
  7. Getting the pocket wifi router in the mail today! Hooray for ebay and hooray for sharing a single 3G broadband plan between 3 people and 5 devices. All without any contracts or phone lines, the ultimate freedom.
  8. I love my motorcycle.
  9. Committing to a week of no email or facebook on my phone. Thanks for the inspiration and support around this!
  10. Loving this blog writing, definitely something that makes me very happy.