Dancing frenzy

Grateful for:

  1. Making a green “dance in the garden” juice and dancing in the garden drinking it to start the day.
  2. Going for a long walk along the water with my beautiful house mates and soaking up the sun, the sea and the atmosphere.
  3. Walking barefoot on the sand.
  4. Free chewy coffee candy at the coffee shop. Coffee for them, candy for me!
  5. Everyone cancelling on me – here comes the real test, will I still go out and have myself some awesome time or grow old and stay home cause its easier that way. I chose the former!
  6. And thank God for that! I had the best ever dance night in years! Seriously in at least 5 years I have not danced that hard or heard music that awesome! Had an absolute blast and am now taking up Saturday night residency there.
  7. Finding a phone number of promoter on a forum online and pestering him for free entry till I got it, even after getting turned back at the door the first time. This living for free or next to nothing experiment is really worth while.
  8. Finally meeting the guy who so graciously sorted me out with free entry at the end of the night, he turned out Ukrainian. We just had to have a shot of vodka to celebrate the fact, although by his *in*ability to drink it I quickly figured he must have immigrated to Australia while still a child. Oh well, for me having a shot of vodka was another experience I haven’t had in at least 8 years! Contrary to my fears it didn’t make me sleepy like other alcohol but instead gave me more energy and made the world just a tiny bit happier =) At 26 of age I am finally sensitive enough in my body to discover which drinks have what effect on me and which should be avoided. Fine tuning my alcohol.
  9. Dancing till I could no longer move. Bliss!..
  10. Seeing people absolutely loving the music smiling from ear to ear, it is an indescribable feeling.